The Puppy Place

Did you purchase a sick puppy from this store?

Many families unknowingly purchase puppies at pet stores as gifts, to rescue the puppy or mostly on impulse. They quickly discover health problems due to transport, age, neglect, inbreeding and over-breeding in puppy mills. They may face significant veterinary bills or even the death of their puppy without understanding why. If you have been victimized by the puppy pet trade, be sure to file a complaint and obtain a free puppy report.

Beware of these Stores!!

Puppy Place - Howell
3150 Crandall Rd
Howell, MI 

Puppy Palace - Gregory
5080 Bull Run
Gregory, MI

The Puppy Place has two locations (Howell & Gregory, Mi). Both are private residences that were formally licensed pet stores. Bob and Linda Birley operate the Gregory location and Denna Sattelberg operates the Howell location.  (Livingston County)

5080 Bull Run
Gregory, Mi

Out of State Commercial Breeders

Wingard, 5705 W. 600 N. Shipshewana, IN
Vernon & Kathryn Lambright, Clearspring Kennels 5285 South 250 West, Wolcottville, IN         

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