Breeder Photo Gallery 

You won’t find these photos framed and mounted in The Family Puppy’s stores. This is what the industry does not want the public to see. This collection of over 100 photos was gathered from the USDA, Zoning Departments, CAPS investigations and our own undercover visits.

Kathy Bauck, Pick Of The Litter
New York Mills, MN 

In 2005, Family of Pets (The Family Puppy) bought more than 50 puppies from Pick of the Litter cited by the USDA  broken, substandard and overcrowded cages; animals exposed to wind and rain; dirty feeding and water bowls, and no proof of veterinary care.” At one time, her kennel (Pick Of The Litter, aka Puppies On Wheels) housed over 1,300 dogs and puppies. For over 25 years, she was licensed and inspected by the USDA-APHIS. She was convicted of animal torture in 2009, her license was revoked in 2011 and they were required to sell/donate their animals. Photo credits: Otter Tail County Sheriff

Gary & Wanda McDuffee, Happy Tails Kennel
Cushing, MN
The Companion Animal Protection Society investigated Happy Tails Kennel in 2006 revealing horrific conditions. McDuffee’s 500-dog facility, which stirred national controversy, closed as of March 2010. View Investigation
Photo Credit: Companion Animal Protection Society

John Schumucker, Riversite Kennel
New Haven, IN
Photos show matted fur, puppies in small cages, puppies heads touching the top of the cages, grim on feed bin, accumulation of feces in washdown, and accumulation of fur and grime along water line. These are all violations.
Photo credits: USDA

John Tidwell, Ramblin Spring
West Plains, MO 

Photos show a surgical room, surgical table and instruments, electric fencing and inadequate shelter space. There was evidence that the Tidwells were performing surgeries such as ear crops, umbilical hernia repairs, inguinal hernia repairs, “nares snipped”, neuters, dew claw removals, overiohysterectomies and caesarian sections without a license in this substandard room. Photo credits: USDA

Gary Lehmann
Detroit Lakes, MN
Photos show dogs with tartar build-up on their teeth, cages with share jagged wire edges, excessive accumulation of fecal matter, hair and waste in the entire main facility housing 50 dogs. Photo credits: USDA

Roy Schlabach, Shipshewana Enterprise
Shipshewana, IN

Photos include bull dogs on heavy metal floor with holes. The larger outdoor runs were not covered. The smaller barn had small elevated wire cages with wire on all sides. Not covered. There was evidence of accumulated feces. Multiple dogs per kennel 3-4. Some only had two. Some beagles and bull dogs were housed together. The smaller kennels showed standing water filled with feces. Photo credits: Anonymous Puppy Shopper

Brad D.S. & B.E. Grotewold
Lake Mills, IA
Photos show a build up of dirt and grime on walls, severely rusted cages, chewed and warn surfaces, excessive accumulation of feces and food waste in furnace room. Large amounts of maggots and flys. Photo credits: USDA

Lavern Whetstone, River Bend Kennels & Outback Enterprises
Middlebury, IN

In June, 2010 Whetstone was cited for not seeking veterinary care for an animal that was in pain and suffering. Once told to seek veterinary care by the USDA inspector, the kennel had a non-professional remove the membrane of a dog with cherry eyes. This could be considered torture. As of February 2011, the USDA has on ongoing investigation Photo credits: Elkhart County Zoning

Devon Troyer, Pine Creek Kennel, changed to Pine Creek Enterprises
Middlebury, IN

In 2010 Troyer was cited after several dogs were found with health issues. One dog had an eye discharge in both eyes, a sore between the toes and a severe ear discharge. Another dog was found favoring the rear right leg. Another dog was found with the right eye extremely budged. Eye conditions are painful. Another dog was found with diarrhea.The catch-tarp under the enclosure has a build up of grime. Photo credits: Elkhart County Zoning

Richard Frey, Loan Oaks Pets
Shipshewana, IN 

Photos show a white shed with short outside covered runs. The video includes a second building (garage) with more short outside covered runs. The dogs appear to have minimal space to live. A medium size dog circled around restlessly.
Photo credits: Anonymous Puppy Shopper

Devon Shrock
Middlebury, IN 

Photos showed small wire cages on all sides. The video includes one small dog on wire floor. In March 2012, the USDA inspector found accumulations of grime and hair in the primary enclosures. This harbors diseases. Like many Amish breeders they have hutches with rows of indoor / outdoor cages. The outdoor cages are made of wire to let the feces drop down into washdowns. Schrock’s drainage system was cited. They upper washdown was draining right into a pen on the bottom where two dogs were exposed. There was hair and sludge accumulating. Photo credits: Anonymous Puppy Shopper

Mose Miller
Shipshewana, IN 

This photo shows wire floor cages.
Photo credits: Anonymous Puppy Shopper

Debbie Phillips
Long Lane, MO
Photos show outdoor kennel without bedding, wind and rain brakes and no shade. Many kennels with limited space (overcrowding) and limited head space. Photo Credits: USDA