Special Investigations

The Family Puppy has a history of working with mega mills and breeders in Missouri which is the Puppy Mill Capital. Even the smaller Indiana breeders have shocking inspection reports. See the Complaints webpage for the Michigan Department of Agriculture investigations.

Vet Quits after Broker Ships Unhealthy Dogs
Dr. Pinkston, of Swartz Creek Veterinary Hospital, who was servicing The Family Puppy since the store opened in 2009 put in his official notice to end the relationship on February 29, 2012. The Michigan Department of Agriculture work order included an interview with Dr. Pinkston stating “the puppies were coming in with urine stainings, unkept fur and underweight body conditions.” Pinkston was uncomfortable with the store working with brokers rather than breeders and the store owed him a large amount of money. The relationship abruptly ended after a pet store employee brought in a female Bichone Frise/Yorkshire Terrier mix with diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting and anorexia. The puppy tested positive for parvovirus. Parvovirus is a very contagious and deadly disease that could cost $1,000 per night in veterinary costs to treat. According to Dr. Pinkston’s report, John Stottele, the pet store owner refused to accept the diagnosis of parvious and ordered the puppy to be euthanized. Dr. Pinkston stated he felt Stottele was trying to dictate how to practice veterinary medicine. Not all the puppies are "picked up" by the store and transported from small breeders as The Family Puppy would have you believe. Press Release

Video: Gary and Wanda McDuffee of Happy Tails Kennel, MN.
The Companion Animal Protection Society investigated Happy Tails Kennel in 2006 revealing horrific conditions. McDuffee’s 500-dog facility, which stirred national controversy, apparently has closed as of March 2010. View Investigation

Pet Abuse Report.

Video: Kathy Bauck of Pick of the Litter, MN.
In May 2009, Bauck was convicted of 4 misdemeanor charges, 3 of torture and 1 of animal cruelty and her USDA licensed removed.
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Photos: Lavern Whetstone of Riverbend Kennels / Outback Enterprises, IN.
June, 2010 Whetstone was cited for not seeking veterinary care for an animal that was in pain and suffering. Once told to seek veterinary care by the USDA inspector, the kennel had a non-professional remove the membrane of a dog with cherry eyes. This could be considered torture. As of February 2011, the USDA has on ongoing investigation. Photo Credit: Elkhart Zoning
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Photos: John Tidwell - Ramblin Spring Kennels, MO.
In December 2009, Tidwell was cited for performing surgeries on the brokered puppies and her own animals. Records indicate that she has performed surgeries such as ear crops, umbilical hernia repairs, inguinal hernia repairs, “nares snipped”, neuters, dew claw removals, ovariohysterectomies, and Ceasarian sections. The licensee was not a veterinarian and could not provide the inspectors with documentation that she has received adequate training to be qualified to perform invasive surgical procedures in a manner that meets professional veterinary standards. As of June 2010, the USDA was still investigating this kennel. Tidwell did not review his kennel license in October 2010.