Shelter Dog Facts 

Reason why pets are brought to shelters:

• Their owners passed away

• They could not afford to take care of them

• The animal was not allowed to live in the household (apartment).

• Their owner gave them up because they shed or needed exercise.

• They bought the dog on impulse and were not ready for the responsibility.

There are many myths about shelter dogs. Read more.

• Shelter dogs are often more grateful, loyal and devoted.

• They are usually healthy and just need a good home.

• Age does not affect a pets ability to bond with a new family and they can even learn new names.

• Most stray dogs had a family but were lost or put outside to fend for themselves. Many strays have collars but no ID tag.

• If a shelter dog looks shy or frightened, they may just lack social skills and are be stressed in a loud shelter with many other animals. A new home usually cures their fears