Shaggy Dog Puppies 

Under the Community Microscope

Shaggy Dog will tell puppy-buyers the puppies are bred by the owner’s sister “Doreen” in Yale, Mi. Doreen Wayrynen (PD Kennels 13075 Jeddo Rd, Yale, MI) has been supplying Shaggy Dog puppies since 2004. This large commercial kennel located in St. Clair County housed 122 dogs in 2008 according to a USDA inventory report. 

PD Kennel’s USDA inspection reports are not good either.  Since October 12, 2010 the inspector noted 7 violations to the Animal Welfare act including items related to Veterinary Care, Housing, Primary Enclosures, Records and Watering.

Pet Shop Puppies report “A Maltese was purchased from Shaggy Dog with hypoglycemic shock; kennel cough; scratching, ear infection; diarrhea- breeder Doreen Wayrynen“

As of February, 2011, PD Kennels USDA license was cancelled. The law requires breeders who are selling wholesale to pet store to be licensed by the UDSA. Shaggy Dog has been receiving the puppies from PD Kennels as of April 2011. 

This store has also worked with a breeder named June Bridges in (555 Carroll Lane, Enville TN 38332) 

Did you purchase a sick puppy from this store?

Many families unknowingly purchase puppies at pet stores as gifts, to rescue the puppy or mostly on impulse. They quickly discover health problems due to transport, age, neglect, inbreeding and over-breeding in puppy mills. They may face significant veterinary bills or even the death of their puppy without understanding why. If you have been victimized by the puppy pet trade, be sure to file a complaint and obtain a free puppy report.

Macomb County Animal 586-469-5115
Shelby Township Police 586-731-2121 

Beware of this store!

Shaggy Dog Puppies
47567 Van Dyke
Utica, Mi
(586) 731-3015
Macomb County
Owner: Donna P Corbett or Donna Ahrens


Breeder Information

June Bridges, 555 Carroll Lane, Enville, TN

Doreen Wayrynen (Bob & Doreen Deming), PD Kennels, 13075 Jeddo Rd, Yale, MI

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Breeding Dogs Rescued

This is the little lady I rescued as the result of an ad placed in the Times Herald by D&D Kennel, 13075 Jeddo Road, getting rid of “older female poodle for $50”. She appears to be about 10 years old, has more than likely been used for breeding for all the years of her life, one litter after the other – until last puppies were born dead, according to Doreen Wayrynen. Obviously, her mouth tells you that her entire body must be infected and has been for many years. And of course, there is no doubt that the puppies she has produced, and that have been sold, will even though vet attempts to guarantee current health, in a few years will show stress under which they were held until birth. And all of this is legal. Breeders are getting away with unhealthy and inhumane treatment of their possessions and nobody is doing anything about it. The vets on record for each kennel, should be required to pay two or three visits a year at the cost of the kennel and their reports should be available to when St. Clair County makes their yearly inspection. When and if the County Commissions and our County Treasurer, Kelly Roberts-Burnett, who is the only one right now who has the authority to license kennels, get around to admitting that they must rewrite and/or admin the existing Dog Ordinance of 1875 and develop a new set of rules and regulation for licensing kennels, and duties of the Animal Control personnel, a lot of things could be made better for these poor captives. As I type this on Dec 14, 2007, the little poodle in this picture is being taken care of: infection will be medicated, she will be spayed, she’ll never again be caged, she will run and play in the grass she has never before felt, she will be well taken care of for the rest of her life.



Doreen Wayrynen, the breeder, was asking $120 for a female maltese. The rescuer paid $60. She could hardly open her eyes as if she had an eye infection/condition or was kept in a dark place. She could not poop and was using her mouth to get it out. She was later adopted out to someone who works in a nursing home. She now rides around on a water cart.

Anonymous Dec 14, 2007


Bad Inspection Reports

PD Kennels have multiple and repeated violations to the Animal Welfare Act noted on their annual USDA inspection reports. 

Doreen Wayrynen
13075 Jeddo Rd
Yale, Mi
12/6/10 Non compliances
10/25/10 Non compliances
8/12/10 Attempted Inspection 
7/30/09 Attempted Inspection 
4/8/08 Non-compliances
/25/08 Attempted Inspection
4/23/07 Non compliances
6/14/07 Non compliances
1/11/07 Pre license inspection #2 
12/28/06 Pre Licese Inspection #1 Non Compliances
12/14/06 Non compliance 

12-6-10 Adequate Veterinary Care
A dog known as Lilly, AVID #097313853 and dog known as Vinnie, AVID #097332888 both have very heavy tartar present on their teeth. This tartar must be removed in a more timely fashion in order to prevent a buildup that leads to gingivitis. Gingivitis can become severe enough to cause extreme pain to animals that have the condition. These teeth need to be cleaned in order to provide for the health and comfort of these dogs.  The licensee should consult with the attending veterinarian in order to develop an implement a plan for oral health for the facility.

12-6-10 Housing
The dog food is currently being stored in bags stacked on the floor. This food must be stored off the floor in order to ensure that is stay free from contamination or infestation and remain wholesome and palatable for the dogs to which it is being fed.    

12-6-10 Primary Enclosures (REPEAT)
New concrete block enclosures walls have been constructed. These walls have not yet been sealed. The facility plans to use epoxy which requires that the walls not be painted until several months after new construction. These walls must be sealed in order to allow ready cleaning and sanitation of these enclosures. 

10-25-10 Adequate Veterinary Care
A bottle of flagil was found at the facility with no directions or indications for use listed on the container. This information must be documented on the bottle or included on or with the Program of Veterinary Care in order for the inspector to ensure this medicine is being used in a safe and effective manner. 

10-25-10 Records: Dealers & Exhibitors
Several acquisitions and dispositions of dogs did not contain all the required information in the record. It is essential that all this information be recorded in order for the inspector to ensure compliance with the Animal Welfare Act regulations.

10-25-10 Primary Enclosures
New concrete block enclosures walls have been constructed. These walls have not yet been sealed. The facility plans to use epoxy which requires that the walls not be painted until several months after new construction. These wall must be sealed in order to allow ready cleaning and sanitation of these enclosures.

10-25-10 Watering
Several water receptacles had a scale build up on the inside of them. These receptacles need to be cleaned and sanitized at least every two weeks in order to provide the health and comfort of the animals using them. 

4 -8-08 Adequate Veterinary Care
The facility is currently using inject able cattle ivomec for heartworm prevention and pour on cattle ivomec for ectoparasite control. These drugs must be documented in the program of veterinary care along with directions for usage in order to ensure that they are being used in an appropriate manner. This is needed to ensure the health and welfare of the dogs at the facility. 

4 -8-08 Shelter Housing
Some outdoor runs located in kennel #2 have wooden walls that the dogs are in contact with that are not impervious to moisture. These walls must be made impervious to moisture so that they can be readily cleaned and sanitized to help control disease. 

4-23-07   Identification
All live dogs and cats held on the premises, purchased, or otherwise acquired, sold or otherwise disposed of, or removed from the premises for delivery to a research facility or exhibitor or to another dealer, or for sale, through an auction sale or to any person for use as a pet, shall be identified by an official tag of the type described in Sec. 2.51 affixed to the animal's neck by means of a collar made of material generally considered acceptable to pet owners as a means of identifying their pet dogs or cats \2\, or shall be identified by a distinctive and legible tattoo marking acceptable to and approved by the Administrator. Dogs on the premises have not yet been identified in this manner. Dogs must be identified in order that the inventory and animal records can easily be verified by the inspector. 

4-23-07 Records: Dealers & Exhibitors
Two acquired dogs were missing driver's license and vehicle plate information. This information is needed to ensure that animals were obtained from legitimate sources. 

12-28-06 Pre-licensing Inspection #1: Adequate Veterinary Care
The dogs have not yet received this rabies vaccine. The dewomer listed for puppies is strongid. No interval was given for administration of this dewormer. The facility owner was not sure when this dewormer was to be administered. It is important that the program of veterinary care be specific and that it be followed as written in order to ensure that the animals are receiving appropriate veterinary care. 

12-28-06 Pre-licensing Inspection #1: Shelter Housing
In the case of an application for an initial license, the applicant must demonstrate compliance with the regulations and standards, as required in paragraph (a) of this section, before APHIS will issue a license. If the applicant's animals, premises, facilities, vehicles, equipment, other premises, or records do not meet the requirements of this subchapter, APHIS will advise the applicant of existing deficiencies and the corrective measures that must be completed to come into compliance with the regulations and standards. The applicant will have two more chances to demonstrate his or her compliance with the regulations and standards through re-inspection by APHIS. If the applicant fails the third inspection he or she will forfeit the application fee and cannot re-apply for a license for a period of 6 months following the third inspection. Issuance of the license will be denied until the applicant demonstrates upon inspection that the animals, premises, facilities, vehicles, equipment, other premises and records are in compliance with all regulations and standards in this subchapter. 

12-14-06 Requirements and Application
The facility has more than three breeding female dogs and is selling through pet stores. This is a violation of section 2.1. No covered activities are permitted without a valid USDA license. 

Kennel Inventories Scream Puppy Mill!

Larger kennels usually lack enough staff and training. To provide 10 minutes of minimum care to each dog daily for kennel that houses 50-100 dogs, a kennel would need one full time (8 hrs per day) staff member.  

Pet Store Complaints

Puppy Mill Awareness Complaint – April 2011
A couple purchased a black pug from Shaggy Dog Puppies. They paid $4,000 in surgery costs. The first surgery was completed to repair his knee- Luxating Patellas. The second surgery was completed to repair his liver- Liver Shunts. The veins were passing by the liver. He suffered seizures and needed to be on a special diet. The couple contacted an attorney who said it wasnt worth it. The store was confronted, but they really didnt seem to care. They researched the breeder because she was concerned about the litter mates who also reported having problems. They believe the breeder was located in Tennessee. View Video 

Puppy Mill Awareness Complaint – October 2010
Hi, I just discovered your website and had a question about the list of pet stores. If you have the store listed does that mean they get dogs from puppy mills? I am asking because my brother bought a puppy from Shaggy Dog pet store in SHelby Twp 4-5 weeks ago, and it died today of Parvo. The vet we go to has techs who told me to google search the pet store beause they are supposedly known for being puppymill dogs. I am a big dog person, having rescued 3 beagles, and I hate that people contiue buying from pet stores.

Even though not all dogs are unhealthy from there, I believe if the mother is not healthy then the puppy could get sick months after owning them, not just right away. My brother was trying to blame mine and my moms dogs for carrying the virus, but they were around him since day one, and would have gotten sick weeks ago. If you know that Shaggy Dog sells puppy mill puppies could you let me know so I can spread the word in my area.

Puppy Mill Awareness Complaint – July 2010
A woman purchased a Morkie puppy in July 2010. It was
diagnosed with coccidia and may have luxatting pattellas. She went to Shaggy Dog’s vet for testing. The store paid the bill and medications. The pet store owner stated her sister breeds the dogs. Coccidia is an intestinal parasites/illnesses that can be passed to humans from contact with feces and/or contaminated water. A puppy is not born with the coccidia organisms in his intestine. However, once born, the puppy is frequently exposed to his mother's feces, and if the mother is shedding the infective cysts in her feces, then the young animals will likely ingest them and coccidia will develop within the young animal's intestines. Since young puppies, usually those less than six months of age, have no immunity to coccidia, the organisms reproduce in great numbers and parasitize the young animal's intestines.

Puppy Mill Awareness Complaint - July 2009
Two Bichon/Shih-tzu mixes were purchased from Shaggy Dog Puppies. One had kennel cough for approximately 3 months. The store paid for the treatments at Macomb Veterinary Associates. The store would not provide breeder information. 

Michigan Department of Agriculture Complaint –July 2007
Puppy was purchased with a heart murmur. View Complaint

Michigan Department of Agriculture Complaint – July 2007
A Cocker-bichon mixed puppy was purchased with a hernia and behavior issues. Showed signs of aggression. Puppy buyer wanted a refund, store refused and wanted proof. The puppy was taken to the Michigan Humane Society for behavioral testing. The shelter would only provide testing if the puppy was turned over. The buyer discovered that the puppy was then returned to the store. View Complaint

Consumer Protection Company Report – October 2006
(The Office of the Michigan Attorney General)
On 10/23/06 a complaint from Wesley Whitlam was filed with the Attorney General’s Office classified as “Failure to Refund”

Pet Shop Puppies ReportsView Shaggy Dog Report

View PD Kennel Report On 5/10/2003, two Poodle (Miniature and Toy) was purchased, both over 20 lbs, although the pet store said they were toy. The breeder was from Tennessee -  Bridges, June 555 Carroll Lane,  Enville TN 38332

On 11/24/2004, a Maltese was purchased with Hypoglycemic shock; kennel cough; scratching, ear infection; diarrhea. The breeder was from Yale Michigan - Wayrynen, Doreen, 13075 Jeddo Rd, YaleMI 48097  

Online Reviews



Yahoo (Owner Deleted Listing. See below archived postings)


Meet Jasmine, a Bichon/Shih-tzu  mix purchased from Shaggy Dog Puppies in 2009. She had kennel cough for approximately 3 months. The store would not provide breeder information.

6/11/2010 “please buy your dog at a breeder not from the shaggy dog I've purchased a very sick puppy been at the vets 4 times in a month they don't care no refunds. I didn't want a refund I wanted a healthy pup don't trust them by sick puppy in Sterling Heights, MI" 

12/29/2008 "I have a 6 year old schnauzer who has the health problems of a 16 year old dog. She only has 4 teeth left, has hip problems, and has a very sensitive stomach to where she will vomit blood. We were assured that she came from a ""friend"" in Romeo, but we know better now. Do not trust the puppies from this place because they will just be sickly in the future. Do not promote a business that knowingly sells puppymill dogs"

12/18/2008 "At best my review would be awful. I purchased a yorkiepoo puppy from there just today and am appauled to find out that the puppy has kennel cough and a grade 2 luxating patella, a crippling problem in one of her legs. The owner, Donna, assured me that this puppy was in ""perfect"" health, from a local family in West Branch. There are no breeders in West Branch I have found out. Also, her response when I called her about the problem ""Well you should just bring her back, you are nothing but a problem BUYER BEWARE!"

9/16/2008 "My family purchased a gorgeous puppy from Shaggy dog in 2003. He was the most wonderful, friendly, amazing companion. One month after turning 5yrs old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and an extremely weak immune system that the neurologist suspected were congenial defects. he was gone within a weeks time." 

Who knows how the Shaggy dog is really getting their puppies or how they are being bred before arriving at the store. Perhaps our traumatic situation is a fluke, the pain my family is feeling from losing our baby at such a young age is so unbearble that I would recommend NEVER buying a dog from Shaggy dog."

6/27/2008 "I would highly advise someone to avoid this store when purchasing a puppy. The owners and staff will claim they get their dogs from a nice Amish family or a friend of the owners, but those answers couldn’t be further from the truth. We know of 4 puppies in the last year that have been purchased from this puppy store and all have been sick. One was so ill that it eventually died within one month!!!! It is a horrible idea to purchase anything from this store. Also, please purchase a puppy from a responsible owner or adopt an animal. Upon considering buying a dog please review the link below before you purchase a dog from an irresponsible store, such as Shaggy Dog. If you hear any bad things about this store assume they are true!!! "

Interview with Pet Store Owner (March 2010)

UNLICENSED BREEDERS: When asked about the stores breeders, Donna Corbett the owner, stated everyone that she buys from is USDA licensed. When I told her that breeders who have more than three breeding dogs and are selling to pet stores are required to be USDA Licensed, the owner changed her story and stated her breeders only have two dogs. In addition, her breeders are people who have bought puppies from her and then decided to breed.

REST BETWEEN CYCLES: Corbett stated, most of her breeders will have one litter a year and they only have two breeding dogs. She won’t buy from any breeder that breeds the mom more than one time. It is not healthy. She will not use have a mom that is over 5-6 years.  The pet store owner has lots of rules. She doesn’t want someone mass breeding and she doesn’t sell that many puppies. However, her sales person stated they sold 8 dogs in one weekend, that would equal approximately 416 a year. If the mom’s are only breeding once a year, the store would need 100 breeders if the litter sizes are 4 each.

BREEDER LOCATIONS: The pet store owner stated she does not have breeders in Cadillac, Mi, however, her salesperson stated they work with breeders in Cadillac on video. There are no USDA licensed kennels in Cadillac. In fact, there is only one county licensed breeder that breeds Siberian Huskies. When I asked for her list of breeders she said that I was threatening her and that is no way to run a business.

PD KENNELS: When I called her out on how many puppies does she get from PD Kennels in Yale Mi, she said if she has a nice batch, she will go get them. She stated that she only buys a couple puppies from them. She would not admit to working with this kennel regularly, yet she tells customers that Doreen, the breeder, is her sister. The pet store owner never mentioned Doreen being her sister in this interview.

BREED CLUBS?: I said reputable breeders belong to breed clubs and have a code of ethics that states they can not sell to pet stores (wholesale). She believes the bad breeders are part of clubs and she wants to say away from that. That is why she sells mixed breeds. She has went to AKC breeders and all they care about is the money – “They are no better than me.”

PRIMARY BUSINESS?: It would be tough to make it with only merchandise and grooming. “ I don’t’ sell mass puppies”. This is just a small little business that doesn’t have a whole lot of money. Yet, her sales person said they sold 8 puppies in one weekend (approx $4,000). In addition, she stated they mostly groom and puppies are a side business. According to city records, Donna Corbett is not the registered owner of the grooming business. She also stated in the same interview that she should could not make a living only holding adoption events – “This is my livelihood. And I have worked hard to do this.  I would be crazy to give that up.” 

COMPLAINTS: Donna stated she wished the MDA would come in and inspect pet stores  and that there are no complaints against her. See complaints listed above. View Reports.