Puppy Mill Conditions 

Courtesy of The Citizens Against Puppy Mills

Puppy mills dogs live in isolation and squallor. The physical condition they are in is, if they are ever rescued, shows the neglect they suffered. 

10 Things To Know About Puppy Mills

1. 99% of puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills.

2. Nearly 100% of all puppies in pet stores have parasites when they are purchased.

3. 48% of puppies being sold in pet stores were ill or incubating an illness at the time of purchase, according to a recent California study.

4. 500,000 puppies are born in puppy mills and sold in pet stores every year in the United States.

5. There are 35,000 pet stores in America.

6. Puppy millers can make more than $300,000 growing puppies every year.

7. Puppy mills have been around since the early 1960s.

8. Almost every Puppy sold in a pet store has a mother who will spend her entire life in a tiny cage, never being petted, never being walked, never being treated like a dog.

9. Female dogs are usually bred 2x a year. At that rate, they usually burn out by age 5, at which time they are put to death.

10. About 1 million breeder dogs are confined in puppy mills throughout the country 

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