Paws-N-Claws (Closed!)

Under the Microscope

Paws-N-Claws Pet Supplies has been selling puppies since 2008. They have worked with large breeders and brokers in states such as Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Arkansas.

Seven of the ten USDA licensed breeders that supplied Paws-N-Claws have citations listed on their USDA inspection reports, ranging from sanitation problems to inadequate veterinary care.

Not all the puppies come from small local breeders as Paws-N-Claws would have you believe -- USDA inventory reports show that these are large commercial operations with hundreds of dogs. 

Help end the cruelty and mass production by boycotting this store. 

Did you purchase a sick puppy from this store?

Many families unknowingly purchase puppies at pet stores as gifts, to rescue the puppy or mostly on impulse. They quickly discover health problems due to transport, age, neglect, inbreeding and over-breeding in puppy mills. They may face significant veterinary bills or even the death of their puppy without understanding why. If you have been victimized by the puppy pet trade, be sure to file a complaint and obtain a free puppy report. 

Eastpointe Police-Animal Control
16083 East 9 Mile Road,
Eastpointe, MI
(586) 445-5100 press 2, press 1 to leave a msg
M-F 8 -4, Officer Rose Adamowicz

Beware of this store!!!

Paws-n-Claws Pet Supplies
19100 E. 10 Mile
Eastpointe, MI 48021
586 771-1010 

Vincent Sanna, Manager
Gloria Bradley, Owner

Out-of-state Commercial Breeders

JULIE FLETCHER - 340 KLEE AVE, Triplett, MO 65286-2049 
Jerry Kirby- 2245 C R 246, KNOBEL, AR 72435
Norma VanDusen - 1496 B, River Rd, LAVACA, AR 72941
B&T Distributions - 564 EAST ROAD, GOODMAN, MO 64843

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 Bad Inspection Reports

All of the USDA licensed dog kennels have violations to the Animal Welfare Act noted on their annual USDA inspection reports. The most recent inspection reports (3 years) can be found online. Prior inspection reports can be found on

Shocking Inspection Report Details

These breeders have supplied puppies to Paws N Claws. Below are their USDA Inspection violations summarized.

Jerry Kirby, J& J Kennels
Knobel, AR

Feb-14-08: Primary Enclosures – Two puppies currently housed with the dam were observed on wire mesh flooring with wire spacing 1 inch by 1 inch. In one case no covering was on the floor to prevent the feet of the puppies from passing below the floor surface. The other puppy did have a piece of material covering the floor but the puppy was not on this material. In both cases, the puppies were observed with the feet or parts of the legs extending below the floor surface.

Linda Heinen, Hillside Kennel
Goff, KS

Feb-17-10: Adequate Veterinary Care – Licensee needs to remove all outdated drugs from the kennel area and properly dispose of outdated drugs affecting 250 dogs.

Feb-17-10: Housing Facilities – Outside double decker buildings #2 south side top row starting from the west there is a broken and protruding wire ends sticking out that needs to be removed from the enclosure both outside and inside of the enclosure before injury occurs to 2 dogs.

Feb-17-10: Housing Facilities - Outside double decker buildings #1 north side bottom row starting from the west also has a broken and protruding wire ends sticking out that needs to be removed from the enclosure both outside and inside of the enclosure before injury occurs to 2 dogs.

Feb-17-10: Sheltered Housing – There is one enclosure where the spring is broken and the metal entryway door does not adequately close. Licensee needs to replace the broken spring so that the dogs will have protection from the outside temperature extremes affecting 3 dogs.

Feb-09-04 – Linda Heinen in commerce dogs to Southwest Auction in Wheaton MO.

Linda Brasher, Elite Puppies
Havana, AR

Jul-29-08: Housing Facilities – The surfaces that the animals come into contact with were dirty with grime and caked on feces. The enclosure floors, walls and doors must be cleaned regularly and the animal wastes removed daily from the enclosures. This would reduce bacterial build-up and help to assure the animal’s good health.

Jul-11-2006 Cleaning, Sanitation, Housekeeping – The back walls of the enclosures, with the outside runs, have a buildup of dirt, grime and caked on feces on them.

Dennis Walles, Ox Arks Kennels
Galena, MO

Aug-28-07: Outdoor Housing – In the outdoor portion of the facility there ware a total of sixteen enclosures whose shelter structures which do not  have wind/ rain breaks at the entrances.  All enclosures must have breaks to protect the contained animals from the elements.

Dolores Grogan,
rairie Grove, AR

Jun-10-2008: Outdoor Housing – There was one outdoor enclosure that did not have adequate shelter fro the animals contained therein. There were two boxers with only one shelter large enough for one animal.  Licensee must provide more shelters.

Jun-10-2008: Primary Enclosures – There were at enclosures with wire mesh flooring containing puppies that allowed their feet to fall through the openings of the wire. Eight enclosures had wire flooring where the coating was not present in all places.

Mid America Pet Broker
Neosho, MO

Oct-9-2008: Procurement of Random Source Dogs – The brokerage purchased animals from an individual who stated they were not licensed. The ownership did not fully verify that the breeder did indeed meet that standard.

Feb-13-2008: Primary Enclosures – There are 4 puppies in 2 cages, 2 malamutes and 2 boxers that are in 30 x 30 inch cages. These cages do not provide proper space for these puppies. There were 45 puppies in the brokerage cages that did not have the necessary 6 inches of headroom.

Dec-3-2008: Adequate Veterinary Care – The following medications in the facility were outdated (6 listed).

Dec-3-2008: Primary Enclosures – There were 4 puppies, 1 golden retriever, 1 Rottweiler and 2 boxers that did not have the necessary 6 inches of headroom. The cages were 24 inches tall.

Oct-22-2007: Primary Enclosures – The animals in those cages do not have adequate space. There are German shepherd puppies in 30 x 30 inch cages. These dogs are approximately 24 to 28 inches in length. There are Boxers of the same size in the same sized cages. This affects 64 dogs

Patrick Fulton, Fulton Enterprises
Alden, MN

Aug-30-2010: Minimum Age Requirements – On 5/6/10, the licensee transported in commerce 8 puppies that were on 53 days old and on 8/12/10, 3 puppies were transported by the license that were only 55 days old.  The licensee transported in commerce a total of 11 puppies that were not 8 weeks old. Transporting underage could affect their health.

Aug-30-2010: Primary Enclosures – Eight pens containing two weaned puppies each and one pen containing one weaned puppy did not provide the minimum amount of required floor space.  A pen containing one Sheltie puppy provided only 5 inches of head space. Inadequate head space affects the comfort of the animals.

Kathy Clarke, Clarke’s Hillside Kennel
Yates Center, KS

Feb-03-2010: Adequate Veterinary Care – Dogs need to be observed daily to assess their health. Dogs with Chip # and # need to have the mats, long hair, removed or combed out around the mouth, anal area and areas that hang d own and drag the ire flooring. Mats can cause sore and hot spots that can cause infection and discomfort.  Also matted hair looses the warmth insulation that the dog needs during the winter months.  Affects 2 dogs.

Feb-03-2010: Cleaning, Sanitation, Housing – Inside housing needs the wall kept clean to help the facility remain disease free. Trash, and discard matter inside of the housing facilities also is a place that can harbor mice. Need to clean the inside of the shelter housing and also the indoor housing buildings to better insure that t he dogs can remain healthy and disease free. Affects at least 50 dogs.

Jan-16-2009: Outdoor Housing – Outdoor shelters must have additional dry bedding with temp is 35 degrees or lower. Present temp is 16: need to add additional bedding to the terrier pen. north end of the west slab pen. Affects 3 dogs.

Jan-16-2009: Primary Enclosures – Primary enclosures must be kept in good repair to protect the dogs from injury. Need to repair the wire enclosures of at least 4 pens on top of the main kennel on the south sides of the east when wire has broke leaving points of wire exposed to the dogs. Affects at least 11 dogs.

Jan-8-2008: Primary Enclosures – Primary enclosures must be in good repair to protect dogs from injury. The 6 & 7 pen from the east of the bottom runs of the south side of the Big Kennel needs to be repaired where the wire of the bottom and partition have broken areas. Also the top pens same side 5 from the east has the same problem. Affects 7 dogs.

Jul-28-2004: Housing Facilities – Surfaces need to be cleaned when needed. The doggy doors and the areas surrounding the doggy doors in the South, Middle, and North Kennels need to have the grease and grime removed.

Kennel Inventories Scream Puppy Mill!

Larger kennels usually lack enough staff and training. To provide 10 minutes of minimum care to each dog daily for kennel that houses 50-100 dogs, a kennel would need one full time (8 hrs per day) staff member.   

Exposed the Media

Paws-N-Claws was exposed in both the Macomb Daily and Oakland Press. Read all about it!

Eastpointe store denies puppy mill allegations


A complaint was filed in 2009 with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. A customer observed a puppy having a seizure. The pet store stated that they had an outbreak of parvo and immediately had the puppies euthanized. The vet reported that he had the option to treat the puppies. 

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Take Action

Please support Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup’s campaign against Paws-n-Claws by doing the following:

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