Terry Adams (Garage Salesman)

Under the Community Microscope

Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan has been investigating this “pet store” located in a pole barn belonging to Terry Adams since 2009.  Puppy buyers responding to attractive low-priced classified ads may be fooled by this operation located in a beautiful neighborhood. The facility appears to be clean on the surface, but deadly diseases have been lurking in the cages for years. 

Not only do the prices appear higher than advertised, but customers end up paying much more in veterinary bills or even suffer the loss of their new pet. Many victims have filed formal complaints with local Animal Control and some have taken Mr. Adams to court. He may introduce himself as Ron Martin, George or Jeff Adams, and appear all business until you have call him back with a sick dog. Not only does his name change, but his phone number as well. 

Here is a list of our findings:

1) Operating illegally – Brighton Twp not zoned for business 
2) Selling sick puppies – 9 complaints.
3) Lack of disease control  - parvo outbreaks.
4) Using aliases
5) Missing Interstate Health Certificates
6) Missing 30-Day Health Certificates – Pet Store Laws Apply
7) No Tax ID for puppy selling
8) No resale certificates provided to customers. 

Help end the cruelty and mass production by adopting from non-profit organizations instead. Beware of classified ads. 

Did you purchase a sick puppy from this store?

Many families unknowingly purchase puppies at pet stores as gifts, to rescue the puppy or mostly on impulse. They quickly discover health problems due to transport, age, neglect, inbreeding and over-breeding in puppy mills. They may face significant veterinary bills or even the death of their puppy without understanding why. If you have been victimized by the puppy pet trade, be sure to file a complaint and obtain a free puppy report.

Livingston County Animal Control 517-546-2154 

Beware of this puppy-peddler!!!

Terry Adams
Parkside Builders
4413 Kensington Road
Milford, Mi

248-230-6089 (2011 online ads)

Terry Adams has also used the alias Ron Martin with customers. He may also use the name George and Jeff Adams. He advertises in the Detroit News Classifieds under the home number 248-379-0041 and 248-230-6089 for 2011 online ads). Customers are told to bring “cash only” and they can pick up there registered AKC puppy by appointment (see ads below). Prices range from $375 - $700. Sometimes the quoted price changes when customers arrive – they go up. One customer reported he switched the puppy she had left a deposit on and sold her a sick puppy, that later died.


8 complaints have been filed with the Livingston County Animal Control.

5 customers have purchased sick dogs including parvo puppies. Puppy problems noted: parvo, hernia, neurological problems, kennel cough, severe urinary tract infection, throwing up, diarrhea, and worms.
1 puppy died.

2 individuals have taken him to small claims court. There may be more cases.

Complaints have been filed with the Brighton Planning Department.

A complaint have been filed with the IRS regarding the cash only sales.

A complaint has been filed with the Michigan Attorney General Office.

Breeder Information

One customer received CKC paper from this breeder.

Jacob Schwartz
11310 Roth
Grabill, Indiana 46741

No USDA License
Not registered with Indiana Board of Animal Health.

Mr. Adams told Puppy Mill Awareness that he works with breeders in Indiana, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Howell, Fowlerville and Traverse City. Currently there are no USDA licensed breeders in these cities.  It is illegal for a breeder to sell to a pet store (wholesale) without a USDA license.  

When asked where the puppies comes from sometimes he states there were a bunch of different neighbors and friends that had dogs and they all decided to get together and breed their dogs and then offer them for sale.  When asked for their origin, he said that their about 8 breeders, including himself.   

“Once we entered the building I was astonished by the amount of puppies in cages!” . There had to have been 30 - 40 different pups, and about 15 different breeds but no parents anywhere.  The pups were in wire cages and had no bedding whatsoever.” DW

“The pen had diarrhea and the pups were lethargic. He was trying to cover up the diarrhea in the cage with newspapers. He was wearing gloves and said pictures were not allowed.” JB