Pet Store Campaigns

Petland, Novi

There is only one Petland store remaining in Michigan, located at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi. Puppy Mill Awareness has been calling on the store to stop supporting puppy mills and start supporting rescue since Heather Catello exposed this store “twice” in 2009. Our campaign activities have included weekly protests, holiday demonstrations, and an online petition. In June of 2011 we kicked off a 6-month boycott of weekly protests. We demonstrated every Saturday and Tuesday in front of Twelve Oaks Mall. 2012 weekly protests continue. Follow our campaign activities on the following sites:

1)      Meetup Calendar (RSVP for protests)

2)      Meetup Message Board

3)      Facebook

4)      Online Petition (Updates posted)

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Learn more about our prior Petland Westland campaign

The Family Puppy

The Family Puppy is Michigan’s largest puppy-selling chain store. They import on average 100 puppies per month from out-of-state breeders with serious violations to the Animal Welfare Act. Our campaign began in Flint after they opened a new store at the Genesee Valley Mall. Since the store opened we reached out to the owner, John Stottele, urging him to stop selling puppies. After investigating the stores kennels for 5-months, including undercover visits, Puppy Mill Awareness released some of the findings. Undercover photos revealed small wire-floored cages with excessive feces. Channel 25 covered our Puppy Mill Awareness Day protest and interviewed a women who had purchased a sick dog. We then released our Breeder Fact Sheet and launched an online petition. The store continued to sell puppies, so we went directly to the public with weekly protests and leaflets. Flint is a small well-connected community and the newspapers are covering our activities.

Follow our campaign activities on the following sites:

1.      Meetup Calendar (RSVP for protests)

2.      Meetup Message Board

3.      The Family Puppy Boycott Facebook

4.      The Family Puppy Blog

5.      Media Coverage

6.      Online Petition (Updates posted)

Learn more about The Family Puppy 

Utica Pet Supply

The Utica Pet Supply (45460 Van Dyke Road) campaign started in March of 2012 with a pilot protest. This store has a history of working with large out-of-state commercial breeders. Happy Tails Kennels in Minnesota supplied puppies from 2003-2006. The Detroit Free Press exposed this puppy mill connection and listed Utica Pet Supply as one of the top importers of puppies in Michigan. Google Utica Pet Supply. Currently, the Better Business Bureau -- Rated F! Some kennels have over 200 dogs -- Puppy mills! The Puppy Mill Awareness investigation revealed the store has continued to work with large out-of-state breeders in Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas between 2009-May 2012.

1. Meetup Calendar (RSVP for protests)

2. Meetup Message Board  

Paws-n-Claws (Store Closed after boycott!)

The Paws-N-Claws campaign kicked-off just before the 2010 holidays. After the owner did not respond to our letter of concern and would not return our calls, holiday protests began. We quickly learned there were more problems at this store and business was slow – we decided to launch a full boycott. Although Paws-N-Claws is not a high-volume puppy pusher, they work with some of the larger breeders and brokers in distant states. Records show works with suppliers in states such as Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.  Seven of the ten USDA licensed breeders that supply Paws-N-Claws have citations listed on their USDA inspection reports, ranging from sanitation problems to inadequate vet care. Locals joined our weekly protests throughout the winter months into the spring. The Macomb Daily put our story on the front page “Stop Selling Puppies”. We also held special events: “Have a Heart” and “Mothers Day Vigil” to raise community awareness. Protests will begin again in August of 2011. Follow our campaign activities on the following sites:

1.      Meetup Calendar (RSVP for protests)

2.      Meetup Message Board

3.      Media Coverage

4.      Online Petition (Updates posted)