Puppy Mill Awareness of SE Michigan is a grassroots organization dedicated to ending commercial breeding "puppy mills" and protecting families from puppy peddlers, pet stores and bad breeders by lobbying for stronger laws, setting up information booths, completing research studies and launching pet store campaigns.

Don't be fooled by common claims made by pet stores when pushing their puppies. Despite what they may tell you, pet stores do sell puppy mill puppies. Michigan has approximately 50 puppy-selling pet stores. Go to "Shameful Pet Stores" to find out why they made the "Hall of Shame" list. 

Join us to form a Puppy Mill Awareness Human Chain at the entrance of the Twelve Oaks Mall on September 27 from 4-5:30. RSVP on Facebook or our Meetup Event.

Have you purchased a sick dog?

Meet some of our clients in puppy mills. These are not isolated cases.